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Example of Extra Flight Due to Mechanical Defect

Here Norm DeWitt's Known flight had to be delayed due to a mechanical problem. 

The order number under 'Known' for the original entry was deleted so that it would not show up on printed Known orders of flight. 

We added a new entry into the Order of Flight worksheet (shown above) by copying data in columns B-F to a blank row and re-sorting.  We renamed the new entry as 'DeWitt, Norm (KNOWN)' to indicate that this would be a delayed Known sequence flown in the Free order of flight.  In the Free program, we put the new entry (Known) as the first flight (#1) and the original entry (Free) as the last flight (#7).  The position scores (0% and 90%) are meaningless and are ignored.  The resulting Free Order of Flight is shown here and was reprinted using the 'Print OF' button. 

As there was no order number in the Unknown program for the new entry, it would not be printed and only the original entry will show up in the printed Unknown orders of flight..