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Using SmartNotes

George Norris
IAC 23070 -- Chapter 69


    Occasionally during registration, someone will have forgotten something or need information or money from someone else. This can include:

  • Check to pay registration fees
  • Fees paid by someone else
  • Fees paid for someone else
  • Signature of aircraft owner on registration form
  • Current judge status issue
  • a request for the CD, VC, or Chief Judge

The issue is how the registrar can keep track of these items and whether or not they have been resolved.  This is what SmartNotes are for; keeping track of open issues and their resolution.

Creating a SmartNotePop-up from"Create SmartNote" menu item

Right-click pop-up menu in Contest Ledger     Whenever the Contest Ledger page is displayed, several custom menu items are available by right-clicking cells on the page.  The "Create SmartNote" item will create a special note that is saved in the ledger, linked to the name in the row creating it, and also linked to a second name that is, or will be, in the ledger.  This opens a new pop-up dialog, shown to the right, which allows you to enter the note data:

  • who the note is related to (selected from people listed in the Ledger)
  • who the note is directed to, i.e. who can resolve the issue or needs to have the data (selected from anybody who has registered, pre-registered, or contest officials; this can also be the same as the first field)
  • an extended text field for a description of the issue
  • a special field to hold any contest charges being transferred from one person to another

    The "Notify when accessed" field is selected from anyone listed in the ledger, anyone who has pre-registered (on-site or before the contest), the CD, the VC, the Chief Judge (CJ), or "<Not Found>".  If <Not Found>" is selected, you will be asked to manually enter a name that will be scanned against all future registrations. 
    If the "Other Charge" field is non-zero in the Ledger row the note was created from, the program will ask if that amount should be transferred to (+ amounts) or from (- amounts) the notified person (the sign of the charge will be reversed from the entry in the log).  If you answer "Yes", the amount will be automatically entered in the the "Transferred Charges" field and will be used when the SmartNote is activated.

Activating SmartNotes

    A SmartNote entry will cause a dialog to pop-up if 1) the Ledger Category, Comment, or Other Charges fields are modified and 2) the Pilot Name field matches the "Notify" field in the SmartNote. These fields were chosen since they are often modified when the person to be notified is present and can thus resolve the issue within the SmartNote.  If the" Notify" field has an "*" in the name, the Ledger will look for a match to the the last name only of the Pilot/Volunteer and, if verified, will replace it with the Ledger version of the name.  Once the note pops-up it will ask either: 1)should the transferred charge be added to the Other Charges field (if the amount is non-zero) or 2) has the issue been resolved with the notified person.  If you answer "Yes" any charges will be transferred and the SmartNote will be marked inactive (i.e., the "Active?" will be FALSE and the Note will have a "DONE:" added to it).  If you answer "No", the note will remain active and can be activated later under the same conditions.  If the SmartNote leaves the "Notify" field blank, then the note will never be automatically activated, although it can be accessed through the "Review SmartNotes" menu discussed below.

Reviewing SmartNotes

(1)    If the "Review SmartNotes" menu item is selected, a pop-up window, similar to that below, will appear.  This lists all current SmartNote data.  If the "Active?" field is TRUE, then the note is active and will pop-up when the "Notify" person is accessed in the Contest Ledger, as described above.  If it is FALSE, the note is inactive, as it has already been taken care of and is listed for reference only.  The "Notify" name will be listed with an "*"  if it was entered in response to a "<Not Found>" entry and has not been verified against a matching registration yet.


     This is a convenient way to look for any outstanding issues that may not have been taken care of thus far.  You may completely delete a note that is highlighted by using the "Delete Entry" button.  You may edit the contents of a highlighted note using the "Edit Entry" button; this will launch a window similar to the "Create SmartNote" window above, with the addition of a check box to make the "Active?" field TRUE (checked) or FALSE (not checked).

(2)   A second method to review outstanding SmartNotes is to use the "Check for SmartNote" menu item in the right-click pop-up.  This will scan all names in the Ledger against active SmartNotes and cause a popup identical to that described under "Activating SmartNotes" above for each one found.

Using SmartNotes

  •     If a contestant is paying for someone else, enter the amount they are paying extra as a positive amount in the "Other Charges" field and then using a right-click, select "Create SmartNote" to record the amount being transferred.  Enter the name of the person being paid for in the "Notify" field so that when they register, you will be notified and will record the credit (- amount) in their "Other Charges" field. 
  •     If the contestant is being paid for by someone else, enter the amount being paid as a - amount in the "Other Charges" field and, as before, enter the data in a SmartNote.  When the person paying shows up, the SmartNote will pop-up and, after asking, will record the liability (+ amount) in their "Other Charges" field.
  •     If someone registering needs some information, such as insurance amounts, owner signature, or similar data, or needs to get their money to complete the process, create a SmartNote with their name and the name of whoever else is needed to resolve the issue.  Then, if the notified person shows up to register, you will be reminded to deal with the issue.  If the registrant is getting the information themselves, then enter the same name in both fields.  Make a concise, but clear description of the issue in the comment field so that you can recall the details later.
  •     If someone registering has some information needed by the CD, VC, or Chief Judge, enter it in a SmartNote and review the notes for a <CD>, <VC>, or <CJ> when that official shows up.