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Tutorial 5
Care and Feeding of the IAC Judge ... Making Clipboards

1. Picking Up Where We Left Off

    After the last tutorial, you learned how to volunteer assignments for your pilots and volunteers using the Volunteer Log.  Now let's return to the Contest Ledger to complete the final registration day hurdle, making judge's clipboards for the first set of Known Flights.  We'll need an order of flight to work with, so let's retrieve a canned one from a saved archive file, "AZState02.CLA".  Once that's loaded, go to the Order of Flight worksheet ("Contest Ledger", "Go To Page" menu item).

2. Looking at the Order of Flight

   We need to do clipboards for the first, Known, order of flight, but as we have seen, the Order of Flight worksheet contains the orders for all three flight programs: Known, Free, and Unknown.  So the first thing is to select the Known program, either by sorting with the "Known" button on the worksheet page OR using the "Contest Ledger", "Select Flight" menu, selecting the "Known Flight" item.  One thing we mentioned before is that a pilot without an order of flight number will not be listed on the printed orders of flight.  Note that, in this order of flight, we have combined the two Primary pilots with the two Unlimited pilots in the Unlimited category.  Typically, the Primary pilots, who fly 2 sequences, fly both back-to-back in the second (Free) flight program, so won't fly in the Unlimited Known.  On the Order of Flight worksheet, note that the order numbers for the two Primary pilots have been deleted for the Known and Unknown flights.  Let's look at the printed orders of flight:  go to the "Print Category OF" page ("Contest Ledger", "Go To Page", "Print Category OF" menu item) and select the "Unlimited" category ("Contest Ledger", "Select Category", "Unlimited" menu item).  Note that only the two actual Unlimited pilots appear.  However, if you change to the "Free" program ("Contest Ledger", "Select Flight", "Free Flight" menu item), then all four pilots will appear (and be printed).

3. Printing Forms for the Known Clipboards

    Once we have selected the flight program, we can proceed with printing the components of the Judge's, Chief Judges, and Boundary Judge's clipboards.  Go to the "Contest Ledger", "Print" menu.  A dialog box will open that will allow you to select the forms to be printed.  First select the category you are printing the forms for (or select "All" if you want to do the entire set of categories at once).  Then select the "Clipboards" radio button: this will select the necessary forms in the required quantities.  If you're not sure the right printer is selected, press the "Setup" button to choose the printer.  Then press the "Print" button.  The program will then print:

    If primary is being flown, it will first ask if two flights are being flown back-to-back.  If so, the program will print 2 Penalty Forms in the order for each Primary pilot. If you selected "All" categories to print, the program will repeat this order for each category being flown.  Add a volunteer assignment sheet from the Volunteer Log in front and 2 each IAC Forms B and C in the back and the Chief Judge's clipboard is done.
    This leaves the grading judge clipboards.  There is a VBA macro available to directly print the Known and Unknown Forms A, B, and C from Visio in flight order with Pilot Names and Judge Number appended from the Contest Ledger backup file.  These could be put directly into the grading judge clipboards and you'd be done.  However, even with a fast laser printer, printing a complete order of flight for 5 judges in a moderately-sized category can take up to an hour [ do the math ... 5 judges x ( (10 to 20 pilot Form A's) + 2 Form B's + 2 Form C's) ~ 70-120 pages!].  A more practical approach is to assemble the Known and Unknown before the contest with enough blank Form A's, copied on high speed copiers, for a reasonable number of pilots in each category.  Then, from the "Contest Ledger", "Print" menu, select "All" categories, "Individual Forms", and then "Form A Labels".  This will print 5 (one for each judge) Avery 05267 (or equivalent) 1/2" x 1-3/4", stick-on labels for each pilot, in flight and category order for the entire flight program.  This particular label has 80 labels per page, so print speed is not an issue.  These can then be peeled off in order and applied to the preassembled Form A's in the clipboards and insert 2 each IAC Forms B and C in the back, and once again, you're done!

4. Printing Forms for the Free and Unknown Clipboards

    The Unknown program can be handled exactly as for the Known program, except you'll need to select the Unknown flight before printing ("Contest Ledger", "Select Flight" menu, selecting the "Unknown Flight" item).  The Free is not as simple, since the sequences change form pilot to pilot.  Print the Chief Judge, Boundary, and Starter forms as before after selecting the Free program.  However, now you'll have to manually insert two copies of each competitor's Forms B and C after each Chief Judge Penalty Form, as opposed to putting 2 copies of the standard Known or Unknown  B and C's at the back.  Assemble the Form A's for grading judge clipboards in the traditional manner.  There is no need to print labels for the Free Form A's, unless you'd like to have a more legible pilot name and be assured that the judge's number is written on each form.  This may help your scorer, who occasionally gets Form A's with illegible pilot names or missing judge numbers.

That's It for Now!

    Now using everything we've done, we can let the contest begin!  However, some adjustments may need to be made as the contest runs and that's the topic for the next tutorial!  Meanwhile, what have we learned?

  1. How to remove a pilot from a given flight program's order of flight
  2. How to print forms for the Chief Judge's clipboard
  3. How to print labels for Form A's in the Grading Judges' clipboards
  4. How to print forms for the Boundary Judges' clipboards
  5. How to print orders of flight for the starter

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