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Tutorial 6
When Everything You Know is Wrong! .... Modifying the Order of Flight

1. Picking Up Where We Left Off

    Now lets assume we're in the middle of the contest, and we need to make a change in the order of flight before the Free or Unknown.  Let's load a full contest order of flight to work with ... go to "Contest Ledger", "Data", and "Restore Archive" and locate the file "Copperstate02.CLA" to load from the Contest Automation installation directory.  If you look at the Excel status bar at the bottom of the screen, you will see each of the parts of the archive file being loaded.  When complete, this will give us 51 pilots in flying 4 categories to work with.  Now, lets go to the Order of Flight page to look at a couple of scenarios.   

2. A Pilot Leaves the Contest

   A pilot is unable to continue with the competition and needs to be taken out of the order of flight.  Locate the name on the Order of Flight page and delete the order numbers for those flights remaining to be flown.  The pilot will not show up on any subsequent printed orders of flight.  If you have already assembled the clipboards for those flight programs, remove that pilot's Chief Judge Penalty and Form A's, and insert a new copy of the printed Order of Flight.  If you've only printed the Form A labels, but not used them yet, just remove the 5 labels (one for each judge) for that pilot from the sheet and discard them.  If the pilot won't be able to volunteer as well, open the Volunteer Log and replace them with a new volunteer and reprint the affected Volunteer Assignment Sheets

3. A Pilot Shows up Late

    A pilot shows up late for registration, but is accepted for good reason.  If the order of flights are already done, the use the "Update Pilots" menu item under "Order of Flight".  This is described fully in Tutorial 3.  Putting the pilot last in the Known program lets you add Chief Judge and Form A's at the end of the already assembled clipboards.  If the Known is already flown, the pilot will have to fly the Known and Free in the Free Program, assuming that the category judge's haven't changed.  Dealing with this is described in the next section.

4. A Pilot Can't Fly Due a Mechanical and Must be Rescheduled Later

    A mechanical problem may not allow a competitor to fly for a given program.  If later programs remain and the Judge's line hasn't changed, the Technical Committee or Contest Jury may allow them to fly two sequences in a later program.  If this occurs, you're faced with some serious Order of Flight gymnastics.  OK, no problem, here's what you do:

    Note that the "Position" scores for this pilot won't properly reflect their order positioning in the contest any longer ... but this shouldn't be an issue, since they should be happy to be flying at all at this point!.

5. A Pilot wants to Fly for a Patch in a Second Category

    A pilot may wish to fly in a second flight category for an IAC Achievement Award (or "Patch").  To add them to the order of flight a second time:

    Note that the registration program will automatically prompt for any patch flights when registrations are first entered into the Contest Ledger with "Get Preregistrations", so the procedure above is only needed if the pilot decides to fly for a patch later.

6. There is a Change in Volunteers on the Judging Line

    If not already running, launch the Volunteer Log and load the contest data from the current archive or backup file.  If the Chief Judge returned the volunteer assignment form with changes, find the category affected and make the changes, by 1) deleting the previous assignments to those positions and, 2) after sorting the volunteer list by name, double-clicking the new names in the Volunteer List pop-up window.  If a volunteer will not be able to work the rest of the contest, right-click their name in the Volunteer List pop-up window.  A copy of the Volunteer data entry dialog will pop-up; make a comment to the effect that this person is no longer available in the comment field and press "Save".  If the "Working" field in the Volunteer List window shows other categories for a no longer available person, check them as well.

That's It for Now!

    Making these sorts of changes and cycling the clipboards will take up the rest of the contest.  Eventually, the flying will cease and the CD and everyone else will be anxious to get the final scores, including all of the special awards. This requires getting data out of the IAC scoring program and that's the topic for the next tutorial!  Meanwhile, what have we learned?

  1. How to take a pilot out of the contest
  2. How get a pilot into an existing order of flight
  3. How move a pilot who can't fly from one flight program to another
  4. How add a pilot to a second category for a patch
  5. How to update the volunteer assignments

Who's on First? ...  Getting Data Into and Out of the IAC Scoring Program

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