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Tutorial 7
Who's on First? ... Getting Data Into and Out of the IAC Scoring Program

1. Picking Up Where We Left Off

    Now lets assume we're in the end of the contest, and we want to get ready for the upcoming awards banquet or ceremony.  The one thing the Contest Ledger and Volunteer Log don't do is scoring.  But the Ledger does have a lot of the initial pilot information the IAC Scoring Program needs and the CD needs to compute some special awards (Chapter Trophy, Grassroots Award, Aviat Pitts Trophy, Collegiate Awards Program, plus any special local trophies) based on the scoring program results. Here we'll see how to get this data into and out of the IAC scoring program.  Let's load a full contest order of flight to work with ... go to "Contest Ledger", "Data", and "Restore Archive" and locate the file "Copperstate02.CLA" to load from the Contest Automation installation directory.    

2. Getting Pilots Into the Scoring Program

   The Scorer needs to enter the name, IAC number, aircraft, N-number, home town, and category for each pilot.  This can be manually entered off of the Entry forms OR we can have the Contest Ledger save the data automatically for the scoring program, once registration ends.  Make a COPY of the IAC Scoring Program on a second floppy disk.  Insert this disk into your computer and select "Contest Ledger", "Data", "Export Pilots for Scoring" menu item.  This will open a "Find Scoring Program" dialog box; browse to your floppy disk (normally A:) drive and you should see a "CONTS.DT" file listed.  Press the "Open" button and the program will save the contest and pilot data into the CONTS.DT and CATEG.* files.  If you then install this disk on your scoring computer, you will find all of the contest information, pilot data, and blank flights for Knowns already entered.  Add the judges from the Volunteer Assignment sheet, and you're ready to score!  If a pilot show up after you have done this and the scorer has already begun working with the program, you'll have to give the Entry form to the scorer to manually enter the new pilot.
[NOTE] Due to a bug in the 2003 IAC scoring program, IAC member numbers greater than 99999 will lose their last digit.  Since all recent member numbers are greater than 400000, this will normally present a problem with data exported from the Ledger (and data entered by hand as well!).  A temporary fix has been implemented wherein new numbers have the '4' removed and a "+" is added to the pilot name.  The "+" is removed and the number restored when the data is read back into the Ledger.  IAC HQ (Jan Hetzer) have been advised of, and approve, this fix.

3. Getting Scores Out of the Scoring Program

    Once the contest flight are complete and all of the scores are entered, the scoring program will create a SPRSHET.TXT file that contains all of the TBL'ed scores for each pilot (run the XFALSS.EXE program).  If you then put this file on a floppy disk or transfer it to a hard drive that the Contest Ledger can access, you can use the "Contest Ledger", "Data", "Import Scoring Data" menu to read the scores into the Ledger.  A dialog will open that lists several of the pilot data fields in the file.  Looking at the "Contents" fields on the left, select the corresponding "Type" field on the right (be sure your choice is highlighted by clicking on it); the order of these fields can vary depending on how the data was entered into the scoring program.  If a "Content" field appears to be blank, leave the default "blank" choice in the "Type" field.  Select "Done" an the data will be imported, pilot-by-pilot.  If there is not an exact match in pilot name or IAC number (very possible with manual entry of pilot data, but rare if you follow step 2 above), the program will pop-up a window to let you manually find the pilot on the Contest Ledger page.  Click on the proper name in column "B" of the ledger or leave the field blank (or press "Cancel").  Once all of the data is loaded, the program will first remind you of any pilots in the file not found in the ledger and then go to the Final Results page, containing a nicely formatted listing of the results for each category, in order of finish and with the flight medal winners in each category and flight highlighted.  You save this directly as a web page using the Excel built-in "File", "Save As HTML" to save the page.  This can be quite large, so other methods of cutting and pasting into an HTML editor or export as a .PDF file may be used as well.

4. Computing Awards

    The score data saved for each pilot can be used to compute the other awards and trophies in the contest.  Use the "Contest Ledger", "Tools", "Compute Results" menu to calculate the winners of each award, which will be summarized on the Results page.  The 3 highest scoring pilots contributing to the Chapter Trophy winner will be listed, as well as the top three pilots from all other chapters.  Print these results, along with the complete Final Results page with the "Contest Ledger", "Print" menu, choosing the "Award Results" item before selecting the "Print" button.  Give this to the CD for the awards ceremony. 
    While we're at it, the CD will also want to acknowledge all of the Volunteers in the contest.  If you go to the Volunteer Log and use the "Volunteer Log", "Make Reports" menu, the program will take the all of the assignments and fill out the IAC Judges' Logs.  It will ask if it should fill in the number of flights based on the number of registered pilots; answer "Yes" (although we'll check these in the next tutorial).  If you now go to the CD Record page and print it using the "Volunteer Log", "Print" menu, choosing the "CD Volunteer Record" item before selecting the "Print" button, the CD will have a complete listing of every volunteer in the contest (with the exception of the Registrar, Scorer, VC, drivers, and a few others) listed by job and flights worked.

That's It for Now!

    Well, we're almost done.  There are some forms to be signed by Pilots, Chief Judges, and the CD.  The checks and cash have to be accounted for.  Several forms have to collected and sent to the IAC.  The final results have to posted on the web for all to see.  These are all topics for the next tutorial!  Meanwhile, what have we learned?

  1. How to get pilot data into the IAC Scoring Program
  2. How to get final scores out of the scoring program
  3. How to generate and print the award results and volunteer list for the CD

It Ain't Over Till It's Over! ....  Cleaning Up the Loose Ends

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