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Tutorial 8
It Ain't Over Till It's Over! .... Cleaning Up the Loose Ends

1. Picking Up Where We Left Off

    The contest is over, the pilots have gone home, and still, your work isn't yet finished.  There are forms to be filled out that the IAC requires if you're to get your sanction refund and the Chapter Treasurer has more than a passing interest in accounting for the contest receipts.  Here we'll see how to get this data out of the Contest Ledger and Volunteer Log.  Let's start by loading a full contest data set to work with ... go to "Contest Ledger", "Data", and "Restore Archive" and locate the file "AZState02.CLA" to load from the Contest Automation installation directory.    

2. Printing Forms from the Contest Ledger

   The scores needed for the IAC Award programs were loaded in the last tutorial.  You can now print out the associated paperwork by going to the "Contest Ledger", "Print", and selecting the "IAC Award Forms" check box. You could include the "Award Results" printouts as well for completeness, as this identifies the flight medal winners and the Chapter Trophy winners (if given), the High Scoring Pitts Pilot, and any other special award winners.

3. Printing Forms from the Volunteer Log

    If you go to the Volunteer Log and use the "Volunteer Log", "Make Reports" menu, the program will take the all of the assignments and fill out the IAC Judges' Logs.  It will ask if it should fill in the number of flights based on the number of registered pilots; answer "Yes".  Note that this data is copied from row 2 to row 1 in the Record Tables worksheet and assumes that the number of flights in each flight program equals the number of pilots in each category.  This is probably close, but may not be completely accurate.  Pilots may drop out of a category after the contest starts or a flight program may not be flown, so the number of flights in later programs may be less or even zero.  The number of 4-minute free pilots is normally a subset of the Unlimited pilots, if it is even flown at all (the default is none).  Check the entries in row 1 and make any changes needed.  This will be saved in the *.VLA or VolList.BAK files and won't be needed to be entered again.  Print the Judge's Logs by using the Volunteer Log", "Print" menu, selecting the "IAC Judging Forms" check box. 

4. Saving Income Data from the Contest Ledger

    You probably collected several thousand dollars in cash and checks during the contest, the challenge now is to deposit and account for it all.  There are a couple of tools in the Contest Ledger to make this a bit easier.  First, the Treasurer and CD will want to know how much money was collected for Registration, Food, and Merchandise line items.  A quick summary can be saved by using the "Contest Ledger", "Data", "Export Budget Data" menu.  This creates a simple comma-delimited text file Budget.TXT with each Ledger line item created initially in the set-up process and the amount of funds collected for it.  This can be read into Excel or other budgeting program for further analysis.
    Second, make sure every non-zero entry in the Ledger isn't marked "Not Paid".  Find these by using the "Contest Ledger", "Tools", "Check Receipts" menu item.
    Next you need to verify the checks collected match those recorded in the Ledger.  Go to the "Contest Ledger", "Tools", "Create Deposit Slip" menu item.  This will copy all "Paid by Check" entries over to the Check Management worksheet, listing each check #, the amount, the Pilot/Volunteer paying, and the comment line entry.  There should be a check in the cash box for each line.  As you find them, check the data and select the check mark in column "C" if correct; the amount will turn from RED to white, indicating that the payment was found and is correct.  If errors are found, set that check aside and be sure to correct the data in the Contest Ledger worksheet, not the Check Management worksheet.  Similarly, if a check isn't found, you'll need to determine whether it is misplaced, never given, or was actually paid in cash or as credit.  If a check is found, but is not listed in the deposit slip, it's probably marked as "Paid Cash" or "Paid Credit", rather than "Paid Check" and should be corrected in the Ledger.  Again, make all corrections in the Contest Ledger worksheet.  You can print the Check Management page as a deposit slip or export the deposit slip data in a comma-delimited text file, Deposit.TXT, by using the "Contest Ledger", "Data", "Export Deposit Slip" menu.
    Next, if you take credit cards, you should ensure that every credit slip has a corresponding "Paid Credit" entry in the Ledger.  This is currently not automated in a manner similar to checks (it's on the To Do list!), so you'll have to check manually.
    Finally, once you've reconciled the checks (and and credit cards),  you can check that the cash in the cash box matches the amount of cash recorded in the Ledger.  Go to the to the Cash Management worksheet.  This shows the amount of cash in the cash box, both initially and now, and compares it to the Ledger.  You should have entered the initial cash in the box at the start of the contest by entering the number of each denomination in column "B"; this should match the initial change total.  Now count the final numbers of each denomination bill and enter the totals in column "D".  This gives the current cash in the box and the difference from the starting amount should match the Ledger total cash received (Cell F17 is zero).  This may not happen if: 1)the initial change was removed, in whole or part, 2) a bill was paid out of cash during the contest, or 3) you took in money that didn't get entered in the Ledger:

    At this point you've reconciled the checks and cash (and credit, if you take cards) to match the Ledger; deposit the money and give the Ledger summary to your Treasurer.  Finally, relax ... you're done!

That's It for Now!

    Well, we're now actually done with the contest.  What have we learned in this tutorial?

  1. How to print IAC award prorgram forms from the Contest Ledger
  2. How to print IAC Judging Logs from the Volunteer Log
  3. How to reconcile and save income and deposit data from the Contest Ledger

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