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Program Updates


Contest Ledger Updates

Version 3.57 (12/14/02)

  • fixed bug that did not restore volunteer preference codes from archives or backups
  • added a "enter pre-registration" function to allow registrar to bypass the pre-registration program for late entries or use without PreRegistration program
  • "Contest Entry" and "Technical Inspection" forms added to Ledger as part of manual pre-registration function
  • added chapter number to data saved/exported
  • renamed Order of Flight Menu to better reflect the functions performed
  • pre-registrations resorted on updates in alphabetical order

Version 3.58 (12/17/02)

  • fixed bug in naming sales transactions, causing repeated names
  • added contest location to setup and backup files

Version 3.60 (1/10/03)

  • added more merchandise categories (3) plus chapter dues
  • fixed bug in College Award Program forms
  • general code maintenance, including ability to more easily add columns to ledger (generalized references in code Module2)

Version 3.61 (1/13/03)

  • added final contest results listing page imported from scoring program with flight medal winners identified
  • added "Go To Page" menu and form to ease navigation between worksheets

Version 3.64 (1/21/03)

  • added "delete entry" function to menu
  • added export deposit slip file to menu
  • added final scores to archive / backup files
  • modified "enter pre-registration" function to allow single computer operation (now mirrors operation of PreRegistration.XLS)

Version 3.65 (1/22/03)

  • added "Export Pilots for Scoring" function to menu, this writes out CONTS.DT and CATEG.* files for the IAC scoring program preloaded with all pilots and their data so that scorer doesn't have to re-enter all this data

Version 3.66 (1/24/03)

  • fixed small bug that did not update the category change menu with changes in categories flown through setup

Version 3.67-8 (1/27/03)

  • fixed bug to resort order of flight on load of data
  • updated data validation in ledger
  • refined logic for associating declared safety pilots with pilots actually in ledger

Version 3.69 (2/04/03)

  • added SmartNotes feature to Ledger (see this page for more info)

Version 3.70 (2/07/03)

  • added automatic shared aircraft separation to Order of Flight routines

Version 3.71 (2/10/03)

  • added Judge Volunteer checking and IAC Judge List modification capability

Version 3.72 (2/11/03)

  • refined Order of Flight algorithm to better separate shared aircraft and generate improved Free and Unknown OF's when there are a higher percentage of shared aircraft

Version 3.73-4 (2/13/03)

  • fixed printing OF with combined category bug, added back-to-back primary option
  • fixed import of scores for pilots flying in second (Patch) category

Version 3.75 (2/16/03)

  • setup dialog bug fix when special award is blank

Version  3.76-7 (2/18/03)

  • miscellaneous formatting of entry and tech forms for 2003
  • added "fly for a patch only" category to ledger, modified OF to comprehend flights for a patch
  • fixed bug in Order of Flight combined category assignment

Version  3.78-83 (3/10/03)

  • sorting bug fix, print entry form bug fix, moved patch data column, various UI improvements (menu name changes)
  • refined algorithm for spacing shares in OF with high percentage of pilots sharing the same aircraft
  • added "Sell Merchandise" menu item
  • enhanced last name capitalization for Mac and Mc (global 'FixMcCase' function)
  • added LiveHelp (online step-by-step help window) functionality
  • added work-around for 400000+ IAC member number scoring program bug to 'WriteScoringData' and 'ReadSPRSHET'

Version  3.84-86 (3/25/03)

  • 3.84 -- added new columns and individual category registration fees
  • 3.85 -- fixed bug in printing CJ Penalty form for pilots not flying a flight program
  • 3.86 -- modified judge's list for current format from IAC website

Version  3.87-89 (4/8/03)

  • 3.87 -- updates from CopperState contest: primary registration fee bug, 'Yes' case bug, chapter # format for scoring program, added Flight Program selection to printing dialog
  • 3.88 -- updated "Cash Management" sheet for bills paid out of cash box
  • 3.89 -- added "Check Receipts" routine, reformatted Cash Management sheet

Volunteer Log Updates

Version 1.72 (12/14/02)

  • fixed bug that improperly noted deletions of multiple log selections in the individual Assignment ID's (only the first deletion in the selection was noted)
  • fixed "category overlap" function bug that did not properly deal with orders of flight with missing pilots
  • added "copy category" function to make an identical copy of a category for judging lines with combined flights
  • added a "sort by name" in addition to "sort by judge/category/name" for the volunteer list; this makes entering a set of assignments easier from a written log sheet
  • updated data import for chapter number
  • reformatted Volunteer Log so blank can be printed and used for manual assignment

Version 1.73 (12/17/02)

  • updated for Contest Location added to Ledger backup/archive files

Version 1.74 (1/10/03)

  • updated for format change in Ledger backup/archive files

Version 1.75 (1/13/03)

  • added "Go To Page" menu and form to ease navigation between worksheets

Version 1.76-7 (1/30/03)

  • added safety pilot category to volunteer listing
  • added additional warning messages for disallowed assignments (previously assigned or flying)
  • updated miscellaneous formatting
  • added Preceding/Opposite flight choice menu item
  • allow GJ in 4-minute freestyle to be CJ as well

Version 1.78 (2/10/03)

  • added Judge Volunteer checking and IAC Judge List modification capability with reporting on IAC Judge Logs

Version 1.79 (3/25/03)

  • modified Judge's List input due to IAC format change

Version 1.80-1 (4/8/03)

  • 1.80 -- added flight program selection to print dialog, save number of flights in record sheet
  • 1.81 -- bug fix for reading volunteer data

PreRegistration Updates

Version 1.21 (12/14/02)

  • modified the GUI of the main window for usability:
  • renamed the main buttons "Start Here" (was "clear") and "Finish Here" (was "save data")
  • added dialog boxes from "Start Here" to direct user to new vs. pre-registered entries and/or contestant v. volunteer entries
  • eliminated annoying "requirements" check-off's on main window
  • pre-registrations resorted on update to alphabetical (v. chronological) order

Version 1.22-4 (2/18/02)

  • 1.22 -- fixed bug sorting one PR entry
  • 1.23 -- miscellaneous formatting and form tab order fixes
  • 1.24 -- updated forms for 2003

Version 1.22-5 (4/01/02)

  • fixed 'sort before print' bug that caused wrong entry form to print, minor UI tweaks